Wednesday, 13 March 2013 08:40

HOT 11 Smashing Success!

Written by atc admin

Austin Tennis Club sponsored the 11th annual Heart of Texas Classic March 1-3, 2013. The tournament featured 138 players in five divisions competing over the weekend at three Austin tennis venues - South Austin Tennis Center, Pharr Tennis Center, and the UT Penick-Allison courts on Sunday for the semifinals and finals.

Winners took home rainbow-edged trophies made by NPGlass. The competition was as stiff as the slightly chilly winds that blew through Austin on Saturday and Sunday after Friday's perfect weather. 

The draw party was held Thursday night at Rain on 4th, and a buffet banquet on Saturday night was enjoyed at Abel's on the Lake. 

Congratulations to the following players who took home hardware:

Open singles winner: Dan Garza
Open singles finalist: Christopher Trepte
Open doubles winners: Dan Garza/John Whitney
Open doubles finalists: Ian Shipps/Kiko Urena

A singles winner:  Aaron Williams
A singles finalist:  Clark Peterson
A doubles winners:  Jeremy Cooper/Mike Flynn
A doubles finalists: Oliver McKistry/Troy Zabel

B singles winner:  Kyle Gordon
B singles finalist: Steve Nugent
B doubles winners:  Andy Fouche/Xavier Pena
B doubles finalists:  Tom Calderon/Carlos Martinez

C singles winner:  Pacifico Marquez
C singles finalist:  Marco Castellanos
C doubles winners:  Seth Tribble/David Vansuch
C doubles finalists: Ben Brock/Christopher Lewis

D singles winner:  Danny Huynh
D singles finalist: Jeremy Moser
D doubles winners:  Adam Hasson/Jeremy Moser
D doubles finalists:  Roman Castillo/Curtis Walters

Monday, 17 December 2012 14:33

ATC Holiday Party Fun!

Written by atc admin

The ATC Holiday Party was another great success this year.  We gathered at El Gallo Restaurant for margaritas and queso.  Candy, as usual, stole the spotlight.  We collected a tableful of toys for the Austin Children’s Shelter, and the white elephant gift exchange was slightly less naughty than in past years.

Doug, our outgoing president, announced the new Board for 2013:

President – Andrew Knox
Vice President – Steve Flores
Secretary –  Rick Roemer
Treasurer – Takao Nonaka
Competitive Chair – Geoff Dudley
Social Chair – Hector Velazquez
Membership Chair – Debarun Mujamdar

Doug also announced this year’s award winners:

The Michael Garcia Member of the Year Award – Keith Bundas
Player of the Year – Darin Upchurch
Most Improved Player – Otis Larry 
Newcomer of the Year – Brian Cave
Texas Cup MVP – Aubrey Wilkerson
Outstanding HOT Director 2012 – Mike Flynn
Special Thanks – Tim Wei

Please join us in thanking our outgoing board members for their service, welcoming the new board, and congratulating the winners of the 2012 award!!

(More party photos on ATC's Facebook page)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 11:05

ATC Boat Party Turns Into an Adventure

Written by atc admin

Austin Tennis Club Boat Party 2012

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of a fateful tennis club trip.  After a drought hiatus last year, ATC resurrected the Lake Travis boat party. Twenty-two passengers set sail Sunday aboard the Golden Mermaid, for a five hour tour, a five hour tour.  It was a beautiful day:  blazing sun, warm water, plentiful drink, including vile Lake Juice (water).  Who knew it would end in a wild adventure?

Swimming, sunscreen, sausage; fun and games as usual.  A few worked;  a few drank a bit much; and a few wore obscene swimsuits. (You know who you are.)

As the Golden Mermaid set sail for home port, the weather started getting rough.  The party barge was tossed. The Captain ordered us first to one side, then the other, and a debate raged.  We had already tied some of our more petite members down so they wouldn’t get blown away, but could not decide who we would have to eat first if we were ship wrecked on an uncharted desert isle.  One member spent time trying to contact Anderson Cooper to give the dramatic interview, in case we survived.

Luckily, the courage of the fearless crew saw us home through the 60 mph gale, stinging sideways rain,  an overmatched outboard motor, and the leaning barge of Lake Travis.  The Golden Mermaid was not lost, and no one was swept overboard (we think). 

Pictured is club president, Doug, who ended the day with a lesson on how to deal effectively deal with PTSD, or a ladder match loss. Take your pick.

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 18:39

ATC Donates Squeegees to South Austin Tennis Center

Written by Doug Plummer

The Austin Tennis Club donated 8 squeegees to South Austin Tennis Center this past Friday. It took a big crew to assemble them, but the whole club pitched in and put them together in time to present them to the SATC Manager Brie Rippner. She was thrilled to receive them and has already sent a note to us letting us know that with the recent rains, "the squeegees have already been put to good use.

Friday, 13 January 2012 11:38

Board Presents HOT9 Check to Out Youth

Written by Doug Plummer

The Austin Tennis Club Board of Directors presented Out Youth Board Chair Aubrey Wilkerson and Vice Chair Ceci Gratias with a donation of $7,000 from last year's Heart of Texas Tennis Tournament. Out Youth serves LGBT youth in Austin and throughout the state of Texas. The Board is already working on raising money for this year's HOT10 tournament to benefit Out Youth which will be held March 2-4.

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