Tuesday, 26 May 2015 06:59

Tubing Trip to San Marcos on June 27

Written by atc admin

Tubing in San Marcos! 

ATC invites you to beat the heat with us this summer with an afternoon of tubing the river in San Marcos on June 27. We will be sending out more information about the event soon, but wanted to get the date out there so everyone can get it on their calendar. 

Last year's trip was great fun and we hope to have an even larger turn out this year. 

Stay tuned!


Monday, 25 May 2015 22:09

Reminder about this year's board elections!

Written by atc admin

Dear members, 

I wanted to send out one final reminder about the upcoming elections for ATC's Board of Directors. As I explained in my previous notification, new board elections will officially be called on June 1, 2015. All board member positions will be up for election at that time.  Once this year's elections are called on June 1st, nominations will be open until June 15th.  Any member of the club can nominate another member or thesleves. Below I have provided some information about the duties of each board position. 

B. Specific Duties
The following is a non-exclusive list of duties for individual officers.

1.    President 
The President shall be Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He or she will preside at General Membership and Board meetings, call for Board meetings, preserve order, form committees and appoint committee chairmen as required, appoint members, call committee meetings, and see that the officers and committees perform their respective duties. The President shall also seek club sponsorship opportunities to accomplish the organization’s goals. Officers shall report to the President. 

2.    Vice President 
The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his or her duties and shall exercise the powers of the President in his or her absence or in the case of the President’s death, removal, or resignation. The Vice President shall oversee the ladder committee and other working committees as designated by President and the Board.  

3.    Secretary 
The Secretary shall record all minutes at general membership and Board meetings and disseminate to ATC members and board members information from minutes.  The Secretary shall ensure procedures are followed at meetings, maintain and archive records of ATC business, document decisions made by the Board of Directors, notify appropriate members of scheduled meetings.   The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the ATC contact list, with all organizations, individuals and other G&L tennis clubs and assist in the writing and mailing of ATC newsletters, or other correspondence, as required. 

4.    Treasurer 
The Treasurer shall oversee, monitor, and report on the financial records, including receipts and disbursements, and financial condition of the Association. He or she will issue a statement on the financial status of the team on a semi-annual basis. He or she will reimburse members for general ATC expenses and capital expenditures, publish an annual financial report of the Association, and provide financial reports of the Association to the Board of Directors at least quarterly.   The Treasurer will disperse ATC funds, only as approved by the ATC Executive Board. The treasurer shall keep correct and complete books and records of account for at least three years.  

5.    Communications Director
The Communications Director shall be responsible for maintaining all of ATC’s e-communications, like the groups.  Yahoo! Bulletin board, clubs Yahoo! Accounts, Austin Gay Sports Recreation website page and the ATC website. The Communications Director shall work with the respective directors and chairs to ensure that the contents of the website are accurate and current.  Specifically, he or she shall work with the rest of the Board officers to ensure the information reflected on the website is current and accurate.

6.    Membership Director 
The Membership Director will be responsible for maintaining an accurate membership roster. He or she will bill members for annual dues and tournament supplemental fees, and issue receipts for payment. He or she will also develop programs to maintain and/or expand membership levels as requested by the Board. Finally, the Membership Director will be responsible for welcoming new members to the Association. 

7.    Social  Director 
The Social Director shall be in charge of initiating, planning, and carrying out all social functions and activities.

8.    Competitive Tennis Director
The  Competitive Tennis Directorr shall be in charge of organizing the Team Tennis and Club Championship competitions, as well as coordinating with the Texas Cup captain(s) for putting together the team and the logistics of the tournament when it is the Club’s turn to host.

The board is also responsible for selecting the Tournament Director for ATC's annual Heart of Texas (HOT) tournament. If any member is interested in serving in this position and feels they have want to it takes to put on a great tournament, please contact the club president (Troy Sonnenberg) or last year's tournament director (Aubrey Wilkerson).

I again encourage any member interested in running for a position on the board to contact the current position holder in order to ask them any questions they might have. The current board members contact information is location of the ATC website http://www.austintennisclub.com/new/after-you-join.  

Serving on the board can be a great oppotunity for members to get more involved in the club and provide them with the opportunity to implement new programs and activities for the club. 

Looking forward to a great election! 




Troy Sonnenberg


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our own Ketan Marballi who won the C Division Singles at the Queen City Open in Cininnati, Ohio earlier this month! The charity their club selected to support for the tournament is called Buddy Up Tennis, which focuses on introducing tennis and fitness for children and adults with Down Syndrome. Congrats again Ketan! 

Saturday, 02 May 2015 18:36

Update on ATC Board Elections

Written by atc admin

Dear Members, 

This message is to inform you of the upcoming schedule for the this year's ATC Board Elections. 

Last year the board voted to move the elections to June so the board member terms would better coincide with the planning and coordinating of some of the major events coordinated by the club. 

This election schedule for this year will be as follows: 

June 1 – Open nominations for all board positions

June 15 – Close nominations / Open voting

June 30 – Close Voting / Announce results

 July 1 – New officers take office 

This year's voting will be done using our new communication system, Constant Contact. 

As such, it is very important that if you have not already responded to the email sent on April 23, 2015 you do so promptly, or register at: http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=4ei5j8tab&p=oi&m=1120829120671&sit=arswuttjb&f=5c46dc98-fa6c-4562-802d-237ac4824f03.


Also, if you are interested in running for a position on the board this year, we advise you to contact the current board member in that position to ask questions and find out what the position does and the responsibility and time it requires.

The current board members contact information is located on ATC website at http://www.austintennisclub.com/new/after-you-join.  


Serving on the board is a great chance to get more involved in the club, and work to implement new programs and activities to engage members and advance the social impact of our organization.


We look forward to having a great slate of candidates this year.



Thursday, 16 April 2015 22:20

Texas Cup 2015

Written by atc admin

Texas Cup is coming up on June 6 and 7.  Dallas is the host this year.  Darin Upchurch is the ATC captain for 2015.

Texas Cup is a competition between the Dallas, Houston, and Austin clubs.  The top players from each club compete against each other for the Texas Cup and bragging rights for the next year.  The ATC Texas Cup team is determined primarily by the ladder, and we’ve just updated the ladder.

May 15 is the date that the team will be set. Make your ladder challenges to position yourself well to make the team.  All challenges need to be complete and reported by the end of the day on May 15.


It’ll be hot and steamy; start working on your conditioning!

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