Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

 In addition to the smell of turkey and stuffing quickly approaching, so is the 13th annual Heart of Texas (HOT) Tennis Tournament. The HOT tournament is Austin Tennis Club's annual GLTA tennis tournament. For new members and those who have not participated in the tournament before, HOT is a national GLTA sanctioned tournament which brings in tennis players from all over the country to play some great tennis, eat amazing food, hear awesome music, and soak up the all the hospitality and weirdness Austin is so well known for.

Equally as important, HOT provides an opportunity for our club to support the community by donating a portion of the proceeds raised from the tournament to a local GLTA organization. Last year, we were thrilled to be able to give OutYouth over $9000.00 dollars to help them fund their programs and services.

With that in mind, the time has come for us to select this year’s beneficiary and we are seeking your help by opening up the forum to recommendations from you (our amazing members) for organizations who would be worthy of being this year’s recipient.

Which organizations can be considered, you ask?

In accordance with our club’s bylaws, recipients must meet the following criteria in order to be chosen as beneficiaries:

        -          Designated as a non-profit organization;
        -         Be non-discriminatory in their missions and the services they provide;
        -          Support the GLBT community.

If selected as our beneficiary, the organization must also be willing to assist with helping our club plan and run the tournament. This can include, providing volunteers to help manage the play locations, setting up the draw party and social events, etc.

So. How do I recommend an organization?

We know yall are a busy bunch, therefore we wanted to do our best to keep the requirements for submitting an organization short and sweet. To that end, we are all requesting recommendations be submitted in writing in the form of a brief proposal (2 pages or less), which includes:

        -          Which organization you are recommending;    
        -          A brief explanation of the organization’s missions and how the organization is focused on or                  supports the GLBT community, and;
        -          How the organization will utilize the funds it received from ATC to further advance its                            mission and services

You are welcome to submit pictures and recommendation letters in support of your recommendation if you would like to, but it is by no means required. In addition, if there is more than one person that wishes to recommend a single organization, group submissions will also be accepted.

Submissions should be submitted to our fearless leader, Steve Flores at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  no later than 5:00PM Monday December 1, 2014.

With so many great organizations out there which could so much with this money, we highly encourage you all to nominate, nominate, nominate.

If yall have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the board. Thank you all for your support this year, and continued help in making this year’s HOT the best yet.
ATC Board
Friday, 29 August 2014 16:38

Upcoming Texas Tournaments

Written by atc admin

Hi members,

We have two great tournaments coming up in Dallas and Houston. We’d love to see some great ATC representation, see below for details and sign up!


Texas Open - Sunday, October 4 - Monday, October 6

Tournament info -

Signup -



Houtex34 - Friday, November 7 - Sunday, November 9

Tournament info and sign up -


ATC Board

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:19

Boat Party 2014!

Written by atc admin
It's that time again for the annual club Boat Party on Lake Travis. This year's event will be Sunday, August 17th. You will need to arrive no later than 12:30 PM!  That means, on the dock ready to get on the boat at 12:30 PM....we will not be able to wait for anyone that is late.
Grab your "classiest" swimsuit, and lots of sunscreen and come out for a fun time. The club will provide non-alcoholic drinks, food and snacks, but feel free to bring your preferred beverages (BYOB..). We will return to the dock around 5:00 pm.
Cost is $25 dollars per person, or free if you are a gold member - register here. After you register you will be directed to a PayPal link for payment.
Please contact Aubrey Wilkerson, with any questions -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Friday, 18 April 2014 10:15

HOT 12 raises donations for OutYouth

Written by atc admin

HOT 12 was a great success in spite of the non-cooperative weather. HOT had a record number of participants and raised over $9,300 for OutYouth!

OutYouth is a center-based non profit that offers support services for LGBTQ+ youth living in the central Texas region.

Looking forward to another great tournament next year!

ATC Board

Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:55

ATC Mentoring Program

Written by atc admin

Hello ATC Members,

We’re announcing ATC’s brand new mentoring and development program! We’d like to leverage our talented advanced players to develop and improve the whole club. 

To make this happen, we need mentors and mentees. Each mentor/mentee pair will commit to play together at least once a month. The mentor will provide advice to the mentee on how to improve his or her game. The advice could be technical, strategic, mental or anything else that helps the mentee compete better.

If you’re interested in being either a mentor or mentee, please email Tim Wei, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Mentors, please tell Tim what levels you’re willing to mentor. Everyone, please tell Tim your GLTA level and your USTA level if you have one. We will try to ensure that there is at least a two GLTA level difference between mentor and mentee. The sooner you email Tim, the sooner we can get this program up and running.


ATC Board
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